Manchester CanSat Project organises weekly workshops throughout the academic year to STEM students aiming to develop or even introduce skills such as soldering, modelling on SolidWorks, data acquisition, flight software and integration and testing.

The workshops are open to students who have no experience or next to none as well as students who do have experience and want to further their skills. Therefore, the workshops are orientated around both sets of students through simple explanations and practical activities to provide hands-on experience along with bonus objectives.

The workshops are run by MCP along with MANSEDS committee members. Each week, organisers deliver a presentation on a new skill set and will follow it up with a hands-on activity. The attending students will be placed into teams and each team will design their own QbCan. If students wish to continue with their design, they are encouraged to compete in the UK CanSat Competition.

Workshops Outline

Workshop objectives are currently preliminary but will most likely consist of and are not limited to the following:

Week 1 – Introduction, Systems Overview and Requirements

Week 2 – Descent Control and Mechanical Components

Week 3 – Sensors

Week 4 – Assembly and Integration

Week 5Guest Lecture – Communication Protocols

Week 6 – Communications and Data Handling

Week 7 – Flight Software and Assembly II

Week 8 – Integration II and Testing

Week 9 – Finalising of Design

Week 10 – Requirements Compliance and Sequence of Events

Week 11 – Final Checks

Week 12Launch

Week 13Guest Lecture – Introduction to Python

Week 14 – Data Processing with Python

Week 15 – Post Flight Review: Student Team Presentations

Week 16 – Winners of UK CanSat Competition Announced and Closing Session


Date and location of workshops will be announced later. Confirmation of Workshops Outline will also be confirmed at a later date.



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