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The US Competition was the original reason for the creation of the Manchester CanSat Project. Whilst the Project has expanded throughout the years, the US Competition is still very important to us. It is organised by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and held every year in Stephenville, Texas. It provides an opportunity for STEM students to participate in a space-related design-build-launch competition, unlike any other in the world. Full details can be found at including current mission, previous winners and accompanying documents.

2017/18 Competition

MCP are very proud to be the 2018 winners of the annual CanSat Competition. The mission was very difficult, and the determination and tenacity of the team shined through in our results. We achieved an unimaginable overall score of 101.6 % as every requirement was met with near-perfect execution. MCP were blessed to have such a hard-working, dedicated team with each member providing invaluable work. The team are pictured below – excluding Davis Joseph – and are as follows, from left to right: Nacho Salsas León, Xisco Fernández Jover, Robert Stana, Julia Stankiewicz, Zair Chaudhry, Alex Shelley, Lawrence France, Iuliu Ardelean, Nicole Zieba.

Our winner’s trophy is pictured below the team photo.


1st Place Trophy

2018/19 Competition

Unfortunately, only three members were able to stay on from the previous year so for the 2018/19 academic year, MCP are aiming to recruit seven new members for the US Team. Recruiting will commence once the academic year begins.

This year’s mission includes an autogyrating probe that must be passive in nature and slow the descent rate of the CanSat. We are excited to begin work on this year’s challenge and are hopeful that we will find a team that can emulate the success of the previous year.

The full mission can be found here: CanSat_Mission_Guide_2019

Updates on the US Team can be found on our Facebook page.

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