UK Competition



The UK Competition is the brainchild of a University of Manchester Aerospace Engineering student and its main aim is to create a CanSat competition, much like the US Competition, on UK soil.

Whilst the US Competition is organised by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and is sponsored by a multitude of international companies, the UK CanSat Competition is arranged by Manchester CanSat Project team members voluntarily along with our faculty advisers. Therefore, it is much smaller in size and does not require as many requirements. The UK CanSat Competition calls for students to design and build a QbCan that must deliver standard data measurements including altitude, temperature and air speed. As the competition grows, challenges will become increasingly harder.

2017/18 Competition

The first UK Competition was held in March 2018 and was a great success. Two teams from the University of Manchester attended along with a team from the University of Bristol.

All three teams performed excellently and presented their data through a Post Flight Review (PFR) to a panel of judges consisting of MCP members and faculty advisers from both universities.

More details on the 2017/18 Competition can be found at our sister site which is reserved solely for the UK CanSat Competition.

2018/19 Competition

MCP wishes to include more universities in the competition this coming year to introduce more STEM students to CanSat and how valuable it can be for their education and development as engineers.

This year, MCP have created a Design Review (DR) document for students to follow along with the Mission Guide book so that they can fully understand the complexity of integrating multiple systems together and hopefully initiate creative thinking when they design their own QbCan. The DR will be used in conjunction with the PFR to grade the team’s designs along with quality of presentation and success of flight.

Once again, more details can be found on our sister site.

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